I love skating.
I love music.
I love my friends.
And if you're lucky, I might love you.

If you like themed blogs, then you'll hate mine.


kerstiestormtrooper asked
oh, and question number 21, cos you need to work at that :)

21 - What I love most about myself: Hair colour

Anonymous asked
13, 14, 16, 17, 27, 34, 43

13 - turn ons: scratching mostly

14 - turn off: B.O

16 - I’ll love you if you aren’t a cunt

17 - Someone I miss: There’s a couple

27 - Description of the person I like: erm, I’m not sure whether I “like” them yet, so I’mma skip this one.

34 - what I find attractive in women: smokes weed

43 - sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: that’s for me to know

Ask me something? <3

0. Height


2.Shoe Size

3.Do you Smoke?

4.Do you Drink?

5.Do you take drugs?

6.Age you get mistaken for

7.Have Tattoos?

8.Want any tattoos?

9.Got any Piercings?

10.Want any Piercings?

11.Best friend?

12.Relationship status

13.Biggest turn ons

14.Biggest turn offs

15.Favorite Movie

16.I’ll love you if

17.Someone you miss

18.Most traumatic experience

19.A fact about your personality

20.What I hate most about myself

21.What I love most about myself

22.What I want to be when I get older

23.My relationship with my sibling(s)

24.My relationship with my parent(s)

25.My idea of a perfect date

26.My biggest pet peeves

27.A description of the girl/boy I like

28.A description of the person I dislike the most

29.A reason I’ve lied to a friend

30.What I hate the most about work/school

31.What y last text message says

32.What words upset me the most

33.What words make me feel the best about myself

34.What I find attractive in women

35.What I find attractive in men

36.Where I would like to live

37.One of my insecurities

38.My childhood career choice

39.My favorite ice cream flavor

40.Who wish I could be

41.Where I want to be right now

42.The last thing I ate

43.Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately

44.A random fact about anything

Anonymous asked
omg i think you're like totally sexy, with all that weed you must be rolling in cash, lets go out to dinner sometime you beautiful beautiful man! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ps. shag my brains out, hard!. xxxxx

Haha, who’s this?